Self Introduction

<< Erase>> Write your self introduction here. Tell us something interesting about yourself? Why did you decide to go on the Puean program? Etc… <<Erase>>

Before and After

How my teaching and thinking changed from before to after the Puean Program
My Teaching Before and After
<<Erase>> Based on the questionnaire you took rating your own teaching abilities and the record of your teaching in Thailand, write about how your teaching...
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My language learning beliefs (Before and After)
<<Erase>> Based on the questionnaire you wrote in your diaries. Write about how your language learning beliefs changed before and after your Puean experience <<Erase>>
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World view (Before and After)
<<Erase>> Write about how your way of looking at the world changed before and after your experience in Thailand. <<Erase>>
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Critical Incidents

A description of the experiences that led to changes in my thinking and teaching.

My Lesson and Lesson Studies

A description of my lesson and notes from my lesson studies between Jan 7 to Jan 15, 2019.

My Lesson: Tohoku food

This page contains my objectives, CLIL components, Thai curricular objectives, my lesson plan, the issues of investigation for my lesson study, and the results of my lesson study.
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My Lesson Study Record

Record of comments on my lessons from January 7 – January 15.
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